WebCT Texas 2006 Users Conference
College Station, Texas

The following links provide materials, podcasts and other resources presented by Mr. Chris Bigenho and Dr. Rhonda Blackburn at the 2006 WebCT Texas conference in College Station, Texas.

Participants in this 3 hour workshop received a hands-on, interactive experience with several types of social software that could be used in conjunction with WebCT to enhance the learning experience of all learners. We explored RSS feeds and podcasting as well as blogs and wikis. Each participant will had an opportunity to establish accounts in each of these domains and left with ideas as to how they could use these emerging technologies in their respective environments.

This session explored the nature of the "digital native" in the early years of education. Examples of blended courses from multiple disciplines at a private K-12 school was showcased. As we explored these courses and the way students in the K-12 environment are using technology, we examined the implications for higher education.

Moving Forward at TAMU: What Survey Information Can Tell Us

Dr. Rhonda Blackburn
Xiaobling"Sally" Yang
Melanie Best

Instructional Technology Services (ITS) at Texas A&M University designed a survey to determine the use of instructional technologies on campus. The survey collected information on the attitudes of faculty, staff and students toward the technologies employed in teaching and learning at TAMU. This presentation described the rational behind the survey, the process of constructing the question items, the pilot study and the data collection procedure. The presentation focused on the data results about Vista tools chosen by instructors and their opinions on using these tools in terms of online teaching and learning. The presentation also covered some information from the open-ended questions on gathering views about Vista tools being surveyed.

Teaching and Learning Online: Easier, Fun and more Interactive using Vista 4

Dr. Rhonda Blackburn
Xiaobing "Sally" Yang

This presentation demonstrated new features and functionalities of Vista 4 along with the enhanced pedagogy to accommodate for better online teaching and learning environments. During this presentation, the new features of Vista 4 were discussed including a more user-friendly interface, grade book, rubrics and the improvement of the discussions from both instructor's and student's perspectives.

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Director of Educational Technology
Greenhill School
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Rhonda Blackburn
Assistant Director
Instructional Technology Services
Texas A&M University
004 Heldenfels; 3002 TAMU
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