Creative Works- Classroom of the Future

In August of 2007, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) retained my services to research, design and develop The Classroom of the Future for their 2008 Annual Conference. This project turned into a two-year project with the first year’s development informing the second. The first year featured a series of workshops selected from those submitted to NAIS. There were also short scheduled demonstrations and a series of Learning Adventures for the Exploration Classroom. The second year allowed us to solicit specific presentations for a hand-on demonstration classroom. The Exploration classroom was organized thematically and we built on the existing collection of Learning Adventures. The Learning Adventures were each developed with multiple entry points to accommodate multiple levels of comfort with the technology and pedagogy. Each Learning Adventure was developed with the idea that they could be used individually. The majority of content was developed by me except where specifically noted.

Complete collection of Learning Adventures from the Hands-on Exploration Classroom:

Video Resources

The videos in this collection should provide material for reflection. This collection contains material that looks at learning in the 21 st century. Many of the videos will challenge current practices in education and provide a fresh look at learning in classrooms of the future-the classrooms of today. Our hope is that this collection will spark conversation about how we practice in this noblest of professions-the profession of education. This entire collection is freely available on YouTube.

TED Videos

TED-Technology, Entertainment, Design- provides a rich resource of videos of talks given by some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the world. Here you will find a small sample of talks that have connections to new ways of thinking, communicating and learning. These are powerful videos that you will want to watch repeatedly and share with others.

NAIS Delicious Bookmarks: