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Ach ulcer and not just an upset stomach or indigestion? difference between 50mg and 100mg viagra A: well usually vomiting up blood,blood in your stools. They are black in colour. buy cheap viagra When you are vomiting up blood. It looks like coffee grounds. Hope this as been of some help what are the symptoms of an stomach ulcer? Q: for a few years i have this burning pain in my upper abdomen just below my breast. Sometimes it is all the way across and sometimes it is just on the left side right below the ribs. viagra 20 bayer I have had c scan,light ran down my throat,up the other way,with nothing found except acid reflux and a colon polyp. I have very bad acid indigestion at times worse then others. I went to the emergency room after i could not take the pain another day and he said it was ulcers. cheap generic viagra No test at all he did not even touch me,just told me it was ulcers. viagra original von lilly Never been told before by any other dr. That i had any ulcers. cheap generic viagra But he says ulcers after seeing me for three minutes. Gave me some green stuff which helped some,but i still get this irritating burning pain and stomach bloating. viagra over the counter london Has anyone with ulcers have this same burning pain. viagra 20 bayer As i have said i have seen my dr and had several test run. I still do not know for sure what this burning pain could be. In fact i have told three dr about this and none have told me anything i can rely on since i am still wondering what it could be... Viagra 20 mgs This question is for anyone that has stomach ulcers and if they would tell me how one feels. Yes when i did smoke seems when the pain was really bad but have now quit,three weeks now without a smoke. At times i thought it could be my lungs hurting from the smoke. I just dont no. buy generic viagra I dont throw up or have any nausea. cheap viagra Just the burning and bloating. viagra scary movie it's a Well i dont think i am dieing or i would be gone by now as i have suffered with this for several years now. cheap viagra online And i am sure it is real. generic viagra online I usually dont go around and make up pain. Generic viagra me uk kamagra The real thing is bad enough without making it up. A: yes, i had an ulcer for a long time. cheap viagra Mine was where the stomach emptied into the dueldenal (sp) the little curve at the base of your stomach before it goes into the small intestine. I also had a tremedous time with acid-reflux that inflamed my esophagus so much it hurt me to even eat a cold peach. cheap viagra I went through all the test you did, and at the time was prescribed "propulsid". I think it is off the market now. ice cream made with viagra Tagamet was the miricle drug back when, but with a blood. viagra 20 bayer buy cheap viagra HomeWho we are What we do ResourcesContact us

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