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Faq testimonials contact us login live chat live chat & phone live chat 855-755-8378 follow us: packages comprehensive men’s comprehensive women’s advanced basic additional tests test preparation testing equipment medical team schedule a screening are you at risk? Screenings offered results hospitals & employers for hospitals for employers about us mission statement why choose healthfair? order viagra Accreditation testimonials tour the bus contact us share your story are you at risk? Are you at risk? Abdominal aortic aneurysm atrial fibrillation arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis breast cancer cardiac arrest carotid artery disease colorectal cancer congestive heart failure diabetes heart disease high blood pressure high cholesterol peripheral artery disease prostate cancer stroke thyroid abnormalities atrial fibrillation screening are you at risk for atrial fibrillation? An atrial fibrillation screening could save your life. A healthy lifestyle paired with regular atrial fibrillation screenings can significantly reduce health risks. Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow to the body. viagra 100mg apotheke During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s two upper chambers (the atria) beat chaotically and irregularly, or out of coordination with the two lower chambers (the ventricles) of the heart. viagra samples Atrial fibrillation symptoms include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and weakness. Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of arrhythmia, which is a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. interaction between alcohol and viagra During an arrhythmia, the heart can beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm. An atrial fibrillation screening can help detect these symptoms and prevent them from becoming worse. viagra canada To understand atrial fibrillation, it helps to understand the heart’s internal electrical system. The heart’s electrical system controls the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. With each heartbeat, an electrical signal spreads from the top of the heart to the bottom. As the signal travels, it causes the heart to contract and pump blood. In atrial fibrillation, the heart’s electrical signals don’t begin in the correct part of the heart. viagra pills Instead, they begin in another part of the atria or in the nearby pulmonary veins. The signals don’t travel normally. interaction between alcohol and viagra They may spread throughout the atria in a rapid, disorganized way. This can cause the atria or the ventricles to fibrillate, depending on where the incorrect signal originated. viagra generic Learn more about other health conditions and the risks associated with them today. will viagra work for women What are the warning signs of atrial fibrillation? A heart in atrial fibrillation doesn’t beat efficiently. It may not be able to pump enough blood out to your body with each heartbeat. Some people with atrial fibrillation have no symptoms and are unaware of their condition until it’s discovered during a physical examination or a healthfair screening. buy viagra Thos. Owners: Dr. Rhonda D Blackburn and Dr. Chris W Bigenho

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